Monday, 22 December 2014


All you have to do is begin,
With no clue,
No path,
Nothing but the desire to start,
And the goal,
Just go,
Focus and believe,
Ignore them all,
What do they know?

All you have to do is begin,
Be the first,
Be the only,
Dream your reality,
Use it as your blueprint,
Map your desire,
Fuel your mind with your intent,
Hell bent,
Drive through the barrier in your mind and push,
Breakout of this man made restriction,
Enforce your own eviction,
Populate your place with positivity,
And perfectly unique in your own way.

All you have to do is begin,
Empower yourself,
Destroy the negative with your positive idea and let it carry you through,
Have the courage to be you,
Pretend to be the person you want to be,
And eventually,
You will be.
Get your goal and leave today,
Ignore the naysayers,
As they sit in their same sad place,
Leave them to it,
Pay attention to yourself,
You need no-one else,
The right ones will come,
When you most expect it,
Synchronistic events breed more moments,
The right moments,
And they come when you make them happen at first.

All you have to do is begin,
Strong desire,
Passionate belief,
Not half hearted hope or monotony relief,
Commit to it,
Give yourself to you completely,
Let doubt be your reminder of who you don’t want to be,
You are truly free,
If you allow yourself to see,
That there is only really you, in the way of you,
So let go into the mystery,
For sometimes,
All you have to do is begin.

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