Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One Day Is Your Life (In Memory of Joe Lee Wilson)

“One day is your life,
Night and day,
One day is your whole life”
The first words I heard him say,
His voice smooth and warming,
Like honey with a drop of whiskey.

Those soaring velvet curves that shaped the air,
His spirit deep and comforting,
Living and delivering it to us,
Within us,
The elder chanter,
The soul of Jazz.

The breathing of magic,
Through the lines of his home,
Soaring and bold,
The earthen cry of a man in the moment,
Much more than one day we say,
His humour not lost in time,
Or his good nature, love and care,
But now in this moment,
This fleeting moment,
Holding on to him,
This moment is all we have,
As we remember him,
Cherished and inspired,
Joe Lee,
Joe Lee,
Joe Lee.