Monday, 22 December 2014

As the clouds part...

As the clouds part,
It becomes clear,
In my mind as much as the sky,
That for the longest of time,
She never loved,
She never was true.

As the clouds part,
Like the thoughts of yesterday,
Moving away from today,
I am able to see the truth,
And it is blinding in it’s painful beauty,
The divided mind now whole,
The lies she told,
Belittled my very soul,
Abused my honour as I had chosen care,
Over love,
Much to my shame,
Or my credit,
Am I to blame…?

As the clouds part,
Like the pain in my heart... lifting,
I smile at the possibilities,
Ripe and ready for the picking,
Tasting, holding and keeping,
The world has a touch of shine to it,
Like the first light breaking across the sky,
I realise that it is I who owns my life and for the first time,
I feel the power surge through my body,
Getting stronger with every decision I make,
I am open to the world and the world is open to me,
Trusting my gut and fighting like Ali,
The greatest,
Feeling like a lion in my prime,
Dedicated, motivated and disciplined,
All at once and right now,
I am living.

As the clouds part,
Like a twist on the throttle,
The sky rushes to meet me,
Greets me like an open fire on winters day,
The familiar warmth returning to me,
Remembering the past does me no good,
Realising how it should be,
Myself finding me,
Hello again, my old friend,
It’s time to go,
And go, and go, and go,
For once, thankful that I am alive,
That I have chosen eventually to honour myself,
Not live in the historical dream of tradition,
It is time to dance with the wind,
I am ready.

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