Wednesday, 27 April 2011


It's flowing,

Rushing through us like an electric current,

It's power sometimes evident in tingles, in feelings,

Let us not forget that we live.

Let us not allow the awe we experienced as children dampen,

Drop the synthetic, mature attachment,

The mundane compulsion to be underwhelmed,

Let us remember every waking moment that we live,

The wonder is still there beneath the surface,

Hear everything in full,

Feel everything with all that you are,

Watch with eyes wide open and embrace what you used to consider normal.

Every moment has magic,

The words magically appearing as you type,

Clouds floating by like swans,

Sunshine on your face creating warmth,

A warmth that has travelled millions of miles to reach your face,

Do not forget the beauty, the love, the life, the moment,

Embrace it and don't let society convince you that tomorrow is better,

New is better,

More is better,

It is a lie,

Now, here, this second, this is where we live,

Don't fall back into the dark,

Be alive in each second,

Be you,

Love and be loved,

Smile and share it,

You are here,

Know it, don't just say it,

Experience every second,

Remove the chance to regret,
This is your chance,

Take it.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Fat old man baking like a plucked and stuffed bird, basted and oven bound, Laid back and english in this mild sun.

The shingle "Shhhhhhhhh!" like a young and fresh librarian.

My blanket out of place, green tartan as it is, laid out and comfortable.

My book untouched, hyponotised by the waves as I am and why not These days pass in a blur so let me enjoy this haze as it dances on the water